MAS 200 SQL Firewall Setup

During a recent migration at work from Sage MAS 90 to MAS 200 SQL, we had an issue with the firewall configuration on the server. Sage doesn’t mention this in the install/admin manual, so I hope this helps. Make sure you’re running the application server as a service, and make sure you select a TCP port between 9000-10000.

  • Open the TCP port you selected for the app server
  • Allow access thru the firewall for this program: MAS90Homepvxwin32.exe
  • Set a static port for SQL to TCP 1433 if there are no other named instances running on the server (see MS KB 823938)
  • Open TCP 1433. MAS 200 Clients will access Crystal Reports and process locally, so they need direct access to the SQL server
  • This MAS 200 SQL Overview PDF was particularly helpful in understanding the application architecture, as we had some issues with Crystal Reports and the install/admin manual was pretty terrible.