3 Podcasts worth listening to

With a 40 minute or so commute, I like listening to a few different podcasts (and audiobooks on occasion). Here’s 3 that are worth your time:

The Dave Ramsey Show (iTunes link) – ~40 minute daily radio show with minimal commercials where Dave Ramsey takes calls about money, getting out of debt, budgeting, etc. You’ll either love it or hate it. They’re updated every day around 5pm, and only the previous day’s podcast is available. Highly recommend listening to the Debt-Free Friday podcast — it’s very motivating to hear people call in who have paid off thousands in debt.

Mixergy (iTunes link) – ~1 hour long interviews with various entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, authors, and more. There’s well over a hundred available to download. I like picking out 5 at a time to listen to. Some are boring, but most are pretty insightful. Minimal commercials.

Motley Fool (iTunes link) – ~40 minute weekly with news and commentary on various business and financial topics. Far, far better than the WSJ podcast. No commercials.

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  • Max, just wanted to say thanks for the kind words. Thanks for listening and for spreading the word.

    Chris Hill
    Host, Motley Fool Money radio show

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